Monday, 2 March 2015

Braces Experience

Hello Everyone,

As it has been highly requested through here and my YouTube Channel I though I would do a post on my braces. I will also do regular updates on my progression. Braces are something that some people can feel embarrassed or ashamed about when in reality they are actually amazing and the results are breathtaking. Not only are there many health benefits to having braces but it can also have a huge impact on ones self esteem.

Prior to braces
I have had them on for about two months now and have about thirteen months to go (15 month total treatment plan). Everyone is different so depending on what is wrong with your teeth and how fast your teeth move will determine how long you need to have braces.

Results so far
Whilst there are many different types out there I have fixed clear braces on my top teeth and metal fixed braces on my bottom teeth. The type of braces that are suitable for you will depend on what is wrong with your teeth and also what the Orthodontist that you go to tends to use. As I have an adult tooth laying flat across the roof of my mouth and a baby tooth still currently in its position the fixed braces were best suited to my scenario. My orthodontist however only applies clear braces on top and metal on the bottom as the metal braces are a tiny bit stronger and your bottom braces are the ones that tend to get bitten or break the most.

How clear braces look
As fixed braces don't come out when it comes to time to eat it may take a month or so to get used of eating with them. As I had to have minor surgery to uncover my adult tooth on the roof of my mouth and also have a bracket placed on the exposed tooth this meant it took a tiny bit longer for me to get used of eating than regular braces would have.

If the braces are causing significant amount of irritation to your lips/gums this provides relief
If there is a part constantly rubbing against your gums you can apply some was to the braces
Sensational stuff for any ulcers your braces may give you
For the first 4-5 days I lived on liquids such as; soups, smoothies, milk, yoghurt and custard. After that I went on to soft foods such as; over cooked vegetables, soft fruits, hot chips, fish and soft breads. Now I can basically eat anything as long as I use a knife and fork and eat small pieces. However there are certain foods that some Orthodontist will recommend you refrain from eating, I was informed to stay away from pop corn, nuts, corn on the cob, seeds, steak, potato chips, sticky lollies, biscuits and not to over indulge in sodas or high sugar products such as; colas, chocolate, icing sugars etc. as they can cause tooth decay.

Helps to remove food from those hard to get to places
Caring for your braces plays a vital part in your treatment plan, I make sure that I brush my teeth and floss after every meal. I will also be going to my regular dentist every 6 months for a professional clean and a general check up. If you don't regularly clean your teeth then you may possibly end up with staining and also could cause tooth decay. Staying away from high staining agents could also prevent staining, such as; coffee, tea, cordials, orange juice and colas.

What I use for my braces
Brush at least three times a day
Using fluoride toothpaste
Followed by flossing
So far I have noticed a significant change in my teeth from the gaps and some teeth have also started to fall into their correct position/ shape. I had to have spaces created between my teeth before they are able to align correctly.

That is mostly all I have noticed in the first few months of braces, I hope you have enjoyed this post and it has helped/ answered some of your questions. If you have any further questions let me know in the comments below. I would be happy to help :) Hope you all have a sensational week and don't forget to Follow me at and subscribe to my blog on so you can read about my journey. Keep smiling :) xx

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