Sunday, 11 January 2015

How To Get Strong Healthy Nails

 Hi Lovelies,

Who loves healthy strong nails? don't we all! I know that I absolutely cannot stand brittle dry nails it makes me feel dirty! haha which I know for some people may sound strange but my nails is something I have always taken great care of. I thought I would share my weekly nail routine with you all to give you some tips in case you are struggling to up keep them.

Dead Sea Nail Kit by Jericho is totally wonderful, this was actually a Christmas gift but I am absolutely loving it.

I always start with filing, it is so important to file your nails regularly not only to make sure there are no sharp edges that can get caught on things but I believe filing them regularly also helps to strength the nail. It is important to not go to hard when filing so just take it slow.
I then rub this cuticle oil all over my cuticles and rub it in, this will keep your cuticles looking fresh and stop them from fraying.
I use the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails to finish them off, this nail polish will give them a strength and will also stop them from chipping and prevent breakage. It has a nice shiny finish that will make your nails look fresh and well manicured. I have used this nail polish for years and have tried many other but I swear by this one.
Once I am finished I rub this all over my hands and arms this just makes your over all skin appear healthy and stop it from drying out. It also smells absolutely delicious.

This is the finished look, I personally prefer my fingers nails to be clear anyway as it looks a bit more classy I feel and more professional at work.

If you prefer to wear coloured nail polish my alternate one week have coloured and one week have the clear strengthening nail polish.
I thought I would share my toe nails too as I recently just had a pedicure, I have to admit I do get a professional pedicure every 3-4 weeks rather than doing my toes nails my self mainly because I prefer gel nails on my toes as the polish doesn't chip.
I also do prefer coloured toe nails rather than clear, however every so often I will give my toes a break from gels and I will do the same finger routine above on my toes just to keep them fresh and healthy :)
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