Sunday, 25 January 2015

Keratin Treatment Review

Hello Lovelies,
Yesterday I spent the day at the hairdressers, what girl doesn't love having her hair done?! I always feel so fresh and light after the hairdressers! does anyone else feel like that? I had a Keratin Treatment, I have had about 4 before and absolutely fell in love and have continued to get them done ever since :)
They are fantastic if you suffer from frizzy hair or if you have curls that you want to tame. Here is what my hair was like prior to Keratin (this time round). The treatments usually last about 3 months depending on how well you look after it so it is well worth it.

You can see it gets particularly frizzy around my face and it also puffs up when its super frizzy.
This is what my hair looks like after a Keratin Treatment. Keratin doesn't damage the hair it actually repairs the hair.
No frizz and not puffy at all. The added bonus is that it also makes your hair smooth and shiny. It is so much easier to manage after the treatment. Keratin puts moisture back into your hair and protects it from humidity which is one main cause of frizz. The results as you can see are totally amazing so I  highly recommend it!

I have uploaded a new YouTube video on what to look out for when getting a Keratin Treatment and I also talk about how the treatment is done and how to prolong your new beautiful hair.

check that out here:

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