Saturday, 13 December 2014

DIY Sentimental Christmas Gift Idea

Hi all you wonderful people,

I have decided to share with you all what I have made for my fiancé for Christmas. Here is hoping he doesn't read my blog before next weekend (we are having Christmas early). I wanted to share it before Christmas so that if you like you can make your special loved one that same thing.

It is quite cheap to make and you don't need to be super creative (I am totally not creative hehe). It is called "The 365 Jar"

All you need is three different colours of paper, a pen, a pair of scissors , an empty glass jar and either print the "how it works guide" or you can always hand write it and slide it into the front of the jar.

Cut up all the paper up into small rectangle pieces, decide which colour will match which theme and then start writing! also if you are wanting to make this for your Mum, Dad, best friend, girlfriend, boyfriend or somebody else and the themes don't match you can always be creative and make up your own themes that suits your relationship with that person.  

Once you have finished you simply make your how to guide and slide it in the front and then place all the little hand written notes in and screw the lid on. BOOM! You're done! It is that easy. Not only is it sentimental, it is creative and it shows how important/special that person is to you because you have put in so much effort for them.

your loved one will now get to open a new little note everyday in 2015 and it will remind them how special they are to you and how much you love them.
I hope you have liked this type of post from me, I hope to do more as I have really enjoyed it. If you do make it for your loved one please tweet me all your pictures with #The365Jar of them either this side of Christmas (as long as they won't see or after Christmas, I would love to see them all. Happy making and  keep smiling :) xx
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  1. love this idea thank you.

  2. No worries! glad you liked it! hope your loved one did too! :)