Monday, 1 December 2014

December is here already...

Hey Guys!

I am sorry I haven't uploaded a new post in a while as you all know life can get pretty busy at times. This year for us has been hectic to say the least. Basically from my 21st birthday this year,  getting engaged on the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge, buying our first home and our new car!! It is all happening and it is all so very exciting! So the future will now consist of us making over our new home and planning our wedding so there will be lots of exciting things to share along the way.

Photos from the most magical day ever:

Liam down on one knee asking me to marry him. Photo 1

After Liam proposed.

Our first kiss as a engaged couple.

Sydney Opera House.

Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Sky Tower with Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background.

We had spent the whole day walking around the harbour, going on  harbour boat rides,  having lunch and looking at the beautiful opera house and admiring the amazing bridge we were going to climb at sunset. Poor Liam had the ring loose in his pocket for - not inside the box so he was worried as anything the whole day making sure it was still there (I found this out after he proposed of course), I was totally oblivious to the whole situation.

Once 3:00pm arrived we started getting geared up to climb the bridge (for anyone who hasn't done the climb before, they make sure you have no loose items on you and do a quick search then you are given a jumpsuit that has no pockets or anything to wear) By this stage Liam had managed to slip away to the bathroom and sneakily tied the ring around his shoe lace.

We started the climb and our tour guide kept saying how people propose all the time on top of the bridge (Usually you would inform the guide and they would sneakily give you a strap to tie to your wrist to hide the ring, Liam never got the chance to do this so the guide also had no idea he would propose) He then went on to mention how someone had said no only last week (can only imagine what was running through Liams mind).

When we got to the top coincidentally there was a guy playing an acoustic guitar for a very small wedding that was happening.. she was walking down the isle as we were having our photo taken.. Photo 1 ^^ and the guitarist was singing the song by Bruno Mars "hey baby I think I want to marry you". Right after the song had finished Liam got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was the most magical moment in my life, as I didn't expect it at all I was totally lost for words (as was the tour guide who had no idea he was going to ask).

Liam had taken the ring out of his shoe right before we had our photo taken and put it on his little finger (I was again totally oblivious to all this happening) he is super lucky it didn't slip off his finger and fall from the bridge and his words were I was more concerned about dropping it then you saying no".  I guess he just knew I would say YES!!!

I wanted to share our magical day with you all, I always wish I could go back to this very moment. To think this is how I was when he proposed I cant begin to imagine how I will feel when I get to marry my soul mate!

On other news I uploaded my first "sit down" type video today on YouTube, my November Favourites. I was so nervous when I first started but by the end of it I was having so much fun laughing to my self. I really enjoyed it so I hope to make many more.

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I also joined the world of social media today!! WOOO!! as I am not much of technology type person I am getting used of it all. Here is the link for that and be sure to follow me for daily updates --

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Hope you have enjoyed the read and have a wonderful day! Keep smiling :) xoxo

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