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My Trip Around Australia

I decided to share my Thailand movie with you all as that was my first overseas holiday and it happened during my first post which I forgot to include! Sorry this post has taken a little longer, we have been a super busy over the last couple of months. I will continue from my first " Catch Up Time" post.

It was about two weeks before my brother, my sister and my best mate were about to leave on their road trip up the West Coast of Australia, they kept hassling me to join them and I finally decided last minute to go. I finished working at the Newsagency, I packed up my room at my Dad's house and sold all my furniture (including my new bed I just bought!), I bought my sleeping bag, fishing gear, snorkelling equipment and we went shopping for all our camp food groceries. My Dad couldn't believe I was going (I am his youngest child so his baby was actually leaving him). I said my goodbyes to all my family and friends, our car was packed to the brim and we were off.

It took us about two weeks to get to Darwin, we stopped off at small country and coastal towns along the way going to the pubs, dancing and singing the nights away with the locals. Passed lots of cows roaming the roads, saw lots of beautiful beaches along with BBQ's and campfires.

The cows on the highway to Darwin.

Cable Beach Broome, my brother and I (only photo I have during the day) It was absolutely beautiful!! The sand is so soft and so white. The water is crystal blue. If you live in Australia and haven't been before you must see it and if you are coming for a holiday over to Australia then you must visit it!

Cable Beach Broome Western Australia  - Sunset - Stairway to Heaven.
My Brother and I cooking dinner.

My brother, sister and best mate at our camp fire.

 Our tiny tent that all four of us slept in.

Monkey Mia, W.A and the beautiful dolphins.

A lady feeding the dolphins in Monkey Mia, W.A.
We also did a lot of sight seeing, fishing, snorkelling, kayaking, swimming and partying! I can't seem to find anymore photos. We then arrived in Darwin and my brother flew home to W.A as he was going back to work. Us three decided we loved Darwin and found work there. I started working at the local post office and I ended up living in the backpackers for about four months. It was so much fun and I had such a crazy experience. I saw more unique sights, met some amazing people, fed lots of crocodiles, had so many laughs, spent way to much money, drank and partied way more then a person should have, I had such a sensational time.
Feeding the crocodiles. We had a long metal stick with some sort of meet attached to the end, they would jump up and rip the meet off. They are so powerful, especially when they are hungry.
  Darwin's man made beach, you can't swim in the real beach due to all the crocodiles.
The wave pool, it was always packed as Darwin is always so hot and humid.

The sunset over the water in Darwin, I used to always come and sit down here for peace and quite, living in the backpackers you never got time to you self to relax. It was so beautiful and with the birds chirping and the water crashing it was just so calming.

This is what a night in Darwin clubbing looks like - The true party central of Australia. 
My all time favourite drink - Tequila!! - Also you can see the backpackers in the background, this was my room there were six of us who shared all together with one en-suite, getting ready for work with six other girls was always joyful!
Hot springs in Darwin. 

My last night in Darwin I met Santa!!
 After four months in Darwin I decided it was time to move on, I went back to Perth to see my family and friends for a few days then I flew to Victoria. I met up with some of the people I had met in Darwin and stayed there for about three weeks. I didn't like Victoria much so I didn't stay for long.
Victoria - Luna Park (Theme Park)

Friends from Darwin.

Victoria - View of the city.

Again there was so much drinking in Victoria - The bar tender looks very pleased with him self!
I got to the point where I decided I wanted a break from all the drinking and partying and wasting so much money, whilst I did have a fantastic time I knew there was more out there. I packed up my backpack and decided to go north/west. I went to a tiny country down called Darlington Point, which is in NSW. My best friend Michelle now lived there with her little family I lived with them for about 4 months and worked in a chicken farm. It was so nice to see her and her family again and gave me a chance to relax and save more money. My dad used to call me every week and ask when I was going to come back "home" he was missing me so much but I knew my journey wasn't over just yet. I was planning on where I should go next. I skipped Sydney and went to Queensland.
I didn't know anyone in QLD and no one from Darwin or Victoria were there. It was a huge step to venture out on my own as I always new people close by. I arrived at the QLD airport and decided to go to Noosa. It was just me and my backpack. I remember the day like it was yesterday, driving along the motorway on the bus with my music playing and I fell in love. It was so green and so beautiful, the weather was perfect and I was attached.
Noosa Beach, Queensland.
I stayed in Noosa for about three weeks, I had met a few people but I didn't love Noosa the way I thought I would, I knew Queensland had more to offer. I did have one particular day where I was very with the bus timetable, I asked a guy what was the best bus to catch, he told me and said if you get lost here is my number. I took it and went on my way (surprisingly as I always get lost I was fine). I got home and did some research (home being shared accommodation) on where else there are nice beaches in QLD. I came across the Gold Coast. The next day I jumped on the bus and I left.
I got to the Gold Coast and I totally fell in love all over again. The place was stunning and the beaches were beautiful. It reminded me a lot of Perth. I did have a bit of trouble meeting new people as I didn't enjoy partying anymore so I just stayed at the backpackers and relaxed most nights before going into shared accommodation.
Surfers Paradise Beach

I moved into my shared accommodation and was feeling a bit lonely. I remembered the guy that had given me his number whilst in Noosa (he was the only contact I really had in QLD - as sad as that sounds! haha) I thought it was a long shot but I will message him! I found out his name was Liam and he was 23 we chatted all night and he was lovely. He decided he wanted to drive down to the Gold Coast the next day and take me on a date (the Gold Coast been about 5 hours away) He picked me up and we went down to beach for the morning. We both had so much fun and it felt like we had known each other for years. It was so natural and he made me feel at home. We had a beautiful lunch and then he said he wanted to take me to the Q1 building, which is the tallest building in south east Queensland (the one with the spike on top in the photo above).
The view from the Q1 building. 


Sadly it was time for him to go home, We continued speaking and every chance he got he would drive down so we could spend time together. He showed me places all over the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast (where he lived) we climbed mountains together, went for long beach walks and enjoyed every minute together. Soon after we decided to make it official, we wanted to be in a relationship with each other.
Officially a couple.

At the top of the mountain - Mt. Ngungun summit.




Fingal Head - New South Wales.

Tallebudgera - Queensland.


We were together only about 3 weeks when we decided to move in with each other (not long at all I know) it just worked out better that way as it meant he didn't have to drive so long to see me. We lived in shared accommodation together for about 6 months before we got a very own place in Surfers Paradise right next to the beach. We made so many wonderful memories, always exploring and doing new exciting things, meeting his family, my family came over and met him, everything was wonderful.
Liam would often surprised me with beautiful flowers, here is one of my favourites. Also in the background is our tiny bit of our first unit (house) together (I don't have any other photos of it)

 Our first Christmas tree we bought and decorated together. Our first Christmas together - 2012. Again taken in our first house together.
We decided that we wanted to take the next big step, travel Europe together. The count down was on....

I think I will end this post here!! I have rambled on enough for one post, I know the quality of some of the photos are not the best, a lot of them were taken on our phones. Now you all know the story of how I ended up living on the other side of the country - LIAM :) stay tuned for the next post! 

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