Friday, 17 April 2015

Wedding Dress Fitting!!

Hi Lovelies,

I am so sorry I haven't posted in a while, I have been focusing on my YouTube Channel more lately, as I am really enjoying making videos in my spare time. Other than that I have been flat out working full time and starting to put my wedding together.

As I am going for my first dress fitting tomorrow I thought I would do a quick post on how I am feeling and how my wedding plans have been going. In case you don't know I am getting married next year, March 10 in Thailand, Koh  Samui. At this stage I haven't done too much. I have picked out my dress, our venue, we have sent our save the date cards and I am starting to work with our designer on our wedding invitations.

I picked out my dress back in September and I am glad I did, as it is a European designer it has taken about 6 months for it to be made and shipped to Australia. When I picked out my dress they had it in champagne, however I have ordered my dress is ivory so it will be the first time I get to see my dress in the colour I want. I am so excited for tomorrow but at the same time a little bit nervous. I guess you have all the thoughts of did I pick the right dress? will my fiancé love it like I do? will it fit okay? if not will the alterations be okay?

The company I have bought it through are absolutely lovely and they were very helpful so I am confident it will be okay but cant stop the thoughts. I am taking Liams mum with me tomorrow as my sister, Kayleen who is my made of honour was with me when I originally picked my dress out. I think it will be a lovely day for us and it will also be a nice experience to share together.

As for the rest of the planning we have been given a list that Liam and I will slowly work through to pick out all the different options. I think we have it a bit easier than other people planning weddings as we are having a destination wedding the resort handles everything and our wedding planner is great and puts it all together for us.

Now for me to get some rest for the big dress fitting tomorrow. I hope you have enjoyed this quick little update on how our wedding plans are going. Keep smiling and have a lovely weekend :) xx

Monday, 2 March 2015

Braces Experience

Hello Everyone,

As it has been highly requested through here and my YouTube Channel I though I would do a post on my braces. I will also do regular updates on my progression. Braces are something that some people can feel embarrassed or ashamed about when in reality they are actually amazing and the results are breathtaking. Not only are there many health benefits to having braces but it can also have a huge impact on ones self esteem.

Prior to braces
I have had them on for about two months now and have about thirteen months to go (15 month total treatment plan). Everyone is different so depending on what is wrong with your teeth and how fast your teeth move will determine how long you need to have braces.

Results so far
Whilst there are many different types out there I have fixed clear braces on my top teeth and metal fixed braces on my bottom teeth. The type of braces that are suitable for you will depend on what is wrong with your teeth and also what the Orthodontist that you go to tends to use. As I have an adult tooth laying flat across the roof of my mouth and a baby tooth still currently in its position the fixed braces were best suited to my scenario. My orthodontist however only applies clear braces on top and metal on the bottom as the metal braces are a tiny bit stronger and your bottom braces are the ones that tend to get bitten or break the most.

How clear braces look
As fixed braces don't come out when it comes to time to eat it may take a month or so to get used of eating with them. As I had to have minor surgery to uncover my adult tooth on the roof of my mouth and also have a bracket placed on the exposed tooth this meant it took a tiny bit longer for me to get used of eating than regular braces would have.

If the braces are causing significant amount of irritation to your lips/gums this provides relief
If there is a part constantly rubbing against your gums you can apply some was to the braces
Sensational stuff for any ulcers your braces may give you
For the first 4-5 days I lived on liquids such as; soups, smoothies, milk, yoghurt and custard. After that I went on to soft foods such as; over cooked vegetables, soft fruits, hot chips, fish and soft breads. Now I can basically eat anything as long as I use a knife and fork and eat small pieces. However there are certain foods that some Orthodontist will recommend you refrain from eating, I was informed to stay away from pop corn, nuts, corn on the cob, seeds, steak, potato chips, sticky lollies, biscuits and not to over indulge in sodas or high sugar products such as; colas, chocolate, icing sugars etc. as they can cause tooth decay.

Helps to remove food from those hard to get to places
Caring for your braces plays a vital part in your treatment plan, I make sure that I brush my teeth and floss after every meal. I will also be going to my regular dentist every 6 months for a professional clean and a general check up. If you don't regularly clean your teeth then you may possibly end up with staining and also could cause tooth decay. Staying away from high staining agents could also prevent staining, such as; coffee, tea, cordials, orange juice and colas.

What I use for my braces
Brush at least three times a day
Using fluoride toothpaste
Followed by flossing
So far I have noticed a significant change in my teeth from the gaps and some teeth have also started to fall into their correct position/ shape. I had to have spaces created between my teeth before they are able to align correctly.

That is mostly all I have noticed in the first few months of braces, I hope you have enjoyed this post and it has helped/ answered some of your questions. If you have any further questions let me know in the comments below. I would be happy to help :) Hope you all have a sensational week and don't forget to Follow me at and subscribe to my blog on so you can read about my journey. Keep smiling :) xx

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Spontaneous Beach Getaway

 Hello Lovelies,
The past couple of weeks have been super crazy, between catching up with friends and family, going to work, planning a wedding and keeping up with my daily exercises im exhausted to say the least. Although Liam and I managed to sneak away for the night last weekend.


There was an election last weekend in QLD which means a very long line from early in the morning that you have to wait in until it is your turn to vote, whilst we were waiting in line we though seems we are up nice and early lets make a day of it and go on a quick night away. We booked the resort whilst in line, came home and packed an over night bag and we were off.
We headed north for about 2 hours and ended up in the beautiful beach side town, Mooloolaba (where Liam lived before we met) I had only been there a couple of times before and didn't do a whole lot of exploring.

We sat down and had some lunch then went for a stroll up onto the rocks and it was absolutely amazing, the wind was blowing gently, the sun was shining and I had my best friend with me. Couldn't ask for a more perfect day.
It was safe enough so we climbed up onto the rocks and embraced the spectacular view.
Standing at the top of the rocks.

 It is the type of place where it is so peaceful, you just take a moment and forget about everything. You feel so free, alive and of course so relaxed.

The beautiful greenery and flowers we found on our walk.
View from our room.

After our walk we were able to check into our resort. We freshened up and headed to the shops for a tiny bit of retail therapy, once we got back to the resort we spent some much needed time in the hot tub. 

  We were lucky enough to jag the whole hot tub to our selves, not only was it super relaxing and peaceful but we also had an amazing view.
After an hour in the hot tub it was time to get ready for dinner. We ended up in an Irish Bar which was a lovely way to end our night.

Sometimes life can get a bit stressful and you can start to feel quite overwhelmed, when it does it is so nice to just getaway and relax. We both came back with a clear mind and refreshed for another week at work. By the end of the week I was already missing Mooloolaba and wanted to go back. Definitely have to put it on the regular getaway list. If you live in Australia and haven't been there before I highly recommended it. there is so much to do and it is such a beautiful place.

I also wanted to share my gorgeous flowers Liam had sent to my work the other day, nothing compares to sitting at your desk and a lady walking in with a big bunch of flowers and they are for you :) very blessed to have such a wonderful man in my life.

Hope you have enjoyed reading about our night away and it has given some of you some inspiration to treat your self and have some time out. Hope you are all having a sensational week and best part about this post is that we filmed it!!  Follow me at to find out when it has been posted. Stay tuned!

Thank you for reading and keep smiling :) xoxo

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Keratin Treatment Review

Hello Lovelies,
Yesterday I spent the day at the hairdressers, what girl doesn't love having her hair done?! I always feel so fresh and light after the hairdressers! does anyone else feel like that? I had a Keratin Treatment, I have had about 4 before and absolutely fell in love and have continued to get them done ever since :)
They are fantastic if you suffer from frizzy hair or if you have curls that you want to tame. Here is what my hair was like prior to Keratin (this time round). The treatments usually last about 3 months depending on how well you look after it so it is well worth it.

You can see it gets particularly frizzy around my face and it also puffs up when its super frizzy.
This is what my hair looks like after a Keratin Treatment. Keratin doesn't damage the hair it actually repairs the hair.
No frizz and not puffy at all. The added bonus is that it also makes your hair smooth and shiny. It is so much easier to manage after the treatment. Keratin puts moisture back into your hair and protects it from humidity which is one main cause of frizz. The results as you can see are totally amazing so I  highly recommend it!

I have uploaded a new YouTube video on what to look out for when getting a Keratin Treatment and I also talk about how the treatment is done and how to prolong your new beautiful hair.

check that out here:

I hope you have enjoyed this post and maybe even inspired a couple of you to give it ago ;) If you have any questions post in the comments below and I will happily answer them. Don't forget to follow me on twitter for regular updates and to also subscribe to my blog on Bloglovin' so you can keep up to date with my posts.
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Sunday, 11 January 2015

How To Get Strong Healthy Nails

 Hi Lovelies,

Who loves healthy strong nails? don't we all! I know that I absolutely cannot stand brittle dry nails it makes me feel dirty! haha which I know for some people may sound strange but my nails is something I have always taken great care of. I thought I would share my weekly nail routine with you all to give you some tips in case you are struggling to up keep them.

Dead Sea Nail Kit by Jericho is totally wonderful, this was actually a Christmas gift but I am absolutely loving it.

I always start with filing, it is so important to file your nails regularly not only to make sure there are no sharp edges that can get caught on things but I believe filing them regularly also helps to strength the nail. It is important to not go to hard when filing so just take it slow.
I then rub this cuticle oil all over my cuticles and rub it in, this will keep your cuticles looking fresh and stop them from fraying.
I use the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails to finish them off, this nail polish will give them a strength and will also stop them from chipping and prevent breakage. It has a nice shiny finish that will make your nails look fresh and well manicured. I have used this nail polish for years and have tried many other but I swear by this one.
Once I am finished I rub this all over my hands and arms this just makes your over all skin appear healthy and stop it from drying out. It also smells absolutely delicious.

This is the finished look, I personally prefer my fingers nails to be clear anyway as it looks a bit more classy I feel and more professional at work.

If you prefer to wear coloured nail polish my alternate one week have coloured and one week have the clear strengthening nail polish.
I thought I would share my toe nails too as I recently just had a pedicure, I have to admit I do get a professional pedicure every 3-4 weeks rather than doing my toes nails my self mainly because I prefer gel nails on my toes as the polish doesn't chip.
I also do prefer coloured toe nails rather than clear, however every so often I will give my toes a break from gels and I will do the same finger routine above on my toes just to keep them fresh and healthy :)
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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Drugstore/ New Year's Eve Makeup Haul

Hi lovelies,

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and were able to spend the day with loved ones, we had such a wonderful day filled with love and joy. Everyone had smiles on their faces and loved all their gifts. Including me, I got super lucky this year! ;) 

As the New Year is approaching super fast I thought I would treat my self to some new makeup for New Years Eve (I'm not the best at makeup so it shall be very interesting to say the least) 

Here are my picks (still deciding on lip colour) 

Orchid lipstick. This colour looks great in the evening or during the day, especially in colder climates. I don't remember the brand name sorry. 

 Max Factor No.36. This lipstick gives a slightly more glossy finish than the first one mentioned. Also great for evenings or during the day.

Nude by Nature Lip Gloss Sultry gives a nice subtle glossy finish. This is great if you do not feel 100% confident to wear lipstick, it still gives your lips a nice shine to finish off your look.

I picked up these sponges to apply my make up, I would love to try the beauty blender but I thought I would see how these go first. I usually apply all my make up with my brushes but wanted to try something different with my liquid makeup.

Maybelline New York Mocha Motion. This pallet I feel could be used to create either a smoky eye effect or even a more natural look. The more natural look would be best for during the day and smoky eye for the evening. Although as I am not a big makeup user I will probably go for the more natural look for the evening.

Maybelline New York Dream Pure BB Cream - Medium. As I have only been using mineral products for the last few years I thought I would try a liquid product and see how that goes. I have heard so many positive things about this particular BB cream so I thought why not.
Maybelline Mastershape by Eyestudio - soft brown. This natural brow pencil will give your eyebrows more definition to finish off your look and give your eyes more shape which will make them stand out that little bit more.  

That brings my makeup haul to a finish. If you have liked this type of post from me let me know in the comments below and also be sure to subscribe to my blog so you can keep posted about my updates.
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Hope you all have a wonderful safe New Years and maybe even a sneaky New Years kiss ;)  Keep smiling :) xx

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

How to Clean Make-up Brushes

Hey Guys,

I had to clean my make up brushes today so I thought why not do a blog post about it. It's really simple and only takes a few minutes. It is important you clean your brushes regularly so that you are not transferring the bacteria that gets stored in the brushes on to your face the next time you apply your makeup. If you don't clean them regularly you can end up with some bad spots (I was always terrible for this in high school)

Anyway lets get started...

First of all take out all your brushes you want to clean, this is my set that I always use.


I always use Johnsons baby shampoo because as you can imagine there are no harsh chemicals in this product, I have very sensitive skin and I will break out if I use anything with strong chemicals.

I place a small amount on to the palm of my hand.

I add some water.

Then take the brush you wish to clean, if it is a round brush e.g. foundation/powder brush then you simply make small circles on your hand.
If it is a thin brush e.g. eye brush then you slide it back and forth (not in a circular motion)


You then place all your bushes on a clean paper towel to dry.
BOOM!! you are all done! I hope this made sense, as I was typing I was finding it hard to explain what I was doing without saying it.
Hope you have enjoyed this type of post from me!
don't forget to followe me on so you know when I have uploaded a new post. Keep smiling :) xo